Scs   Mural

This picture is from the middle stages of the mural when we first started detailing the paint on the wall.

Things I learned from the mural making process.

  • Your going to mess up and its okay.
  • Its good to take a step back every once and awhile.
  • Its not always going to look perfect.
  • Its a multi step process making a mural.
  • And be careful who you give paint to.(Monserrat)

At the beginning of the mural there was hesitance to put anything on the wall because of the fear of messing up . As the process went on everyone got more comfortable.Which helped us go from just outlines on a wall to a finished mural.

What also helped with the mural is the process we did before we even started adding outlines or paint to the wall.What we did before was sketch out all of our individual ideas.Then we came together and chose the best ideas and combined them to our final product.

The beginning stage

From  this (above)
To this (below)

The final stage

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