Allison Taylor

Career Report Assignment

Job Duties

One job duty preformed by a pharmacist is informing a consumer of a drug's side-effects. Another duty preformed is keeping records such as patient profiles for the pharmacy. Analyzing data such as different medication brands is also a pharmacist's duty.

Educational Requirements

For most pharmacist the entry level education is a doctoral or professional degree. There is very little if any on the job training.  For most advancements in this profession there is no additional education needed.

Personal Skills and Requirements

A personal skill needed for pharmacy is speaking because you need to be able to speak clearly in order to communicate with the patient. Science is a skill you need to be a pharmacist because you are constantly working with chemicals and need to know how they react with each other. Another skill needed would be listening because it is important to know what the patient is thinking to help them further understand what they will be taking.


  • Average wage in Minnesota is $112,680.
  • National average wage is $109,380.
  • Average wage in Maine is $121,470.


As a pharmacist you get to interact with a lot of different people. You get to be on your feet and moving around. The pay is also a nice benifit.


Having to deal with unpleasant people. The risk of getting a disease because of being near sick people. Having very serious consequences if you make a mistake. Always having to be accurate.


The outlook for pharmacy is average to above average in job growth. The number of people getting older is aiding the job growth. The job growth expedience for Minnesota is slightly less than the national average.


There aren't very many promotion opportunities in the pharmacy field however, there are still some opportunities. You could become a owner of a pharmacy or a part owner of a pharmacy. Depending on where you work you could become the supervisor or manager of the pharmacy.

High School Courses

Some high school courses to take include....

  • Chemistry
  • Anatomy
  • Statistics
  • Nutrition

Related Careers

Some pharmacy related careers include:
  • medical scientist
  • health specialties teacher(post-secondary)
  • nursing instructors and teachers(post-secondary).


South Dakota State University is a school that offers pharmacy. The college has a large building called the Avera Health and Science Center where labs are conducted for Pharmacy students and other science courses. The center is a nice place for research for all kinds of sciences.

Minnesota Position Opening


I think this career kind of fits with my personality, skills, and interests. Pharmacy fits with me wanting to help people, be on my feet and moving, and being in a health science field. This career does not fit me because the is a lot of fine detail work and paperwork. I am not sure if I would really like this career because of all the paper work and having someone's life in my hands.  I chose to research this career because I have gone back and forth between pharmacy and physical therapy and because of my knee I get to see a lot of what a physical therapist does.


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