Steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

Walt Disney 1946

Who is Walt Disney

Walt Disney was the proud creater of Walt Disney company and also a animator, cartoonist, producer, director, screenwriter, entrepreneur, and voice actor. In other words Walt Disney is a legend, a folk hero of the 20th century,  But it wasn't all that easy.

Not creative enough?

Walt Disney has been fired first jobs at a newspaper company as an editor because of his lack of creativity, this put him in even more of a financial situation.But since he was fired it let him follow through with what he wanted to do... Create cartoons.

Alice Comedies

Walt Disney's family didn't have much money so when he moved to Hollywood all he had was a suitcase and $20 to make a new start. This pressure forced him to create the Alice Comedies which made Walt a recognized Hollywood figure!

Money was a problem

You wouldn't expect it but  Walt Disney's first company Newman Laugh-O-Grams studios had little money and that caused them many financial problems in the long run but it became very difficult to get out of their dept so they were forced to file bankruptcy.


Walt disneys greatest acomplishments are creating the largest entertainment company known as the Walt Disney company, and he pioneered with new ideas in the motion picture and theme park industries and he also created one of the first feature length film using cel animation and created some of the most notable cartoon characters still to this day.

Where he lived

Walter Disney was born on December 5, 1901, in Hermosa, Illinois to his father Elias Disney and his mother who was Flora Call Disney along with 4 other of his siblings. They moved to Marceline, Missouri, where they spent most of his childhood

Why  we think  he is a good example of perseverance

Walt Disney has persevered through a bunch of stuff in his life like,being in a poor family ,he also had lung cancer so Walt has persevered  through a lot of stuff and probably some other stuff the we don't know about but through it all he created a lot of awesome stuff.

We got all of are info from Wikipedia.

By Kaden and Trey

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