Building Relationships

I think that relationships are the most important factors when it comes to student learning. Lack of connection causes disinterest and stunted learning. There are several different planes in which students must connect and create meaningful relationships. If one of these connections is lost or broken, the student, and his or her learning suffers. When building a relationship between teacher and student trust is established. This trust allows for open communication which in turn helps to facilitate a positive environment and productive learning. Not only does there have to be a relationship between teacher and student, but also between both of these parties and the content to be learned. If students realize the reasoning and importance of the content, then they find relevance. This relevance of content to student life helps students become motivated and engaged. In short, creating a meaningful relationship between teacher, student, and content allows for active eager engagement. One way I can better my relationships with students is creating lessons which focus more on the student as an individual; lessons where students relate themselves to the content. I think that if students can find themselves in what we are learning they will be more eager to learn and produce quality work. I would have students do assignments where they must directly relate something in their lives to what we are reading,  learning about, or even a specific character in a work of literature. Students could write me their own Shakespearean sonnet where they relate their life, or life situation, to one of the characters or situations. This assignment would show students how their lives parallel that of those in the play and there they see relevance. This relevance builds the connection between the student and the content.