Coastal Plain

You Wouldn't Regret Coming Here

By: Chandler Cao and Ben


Welcome to the coastal plains of Georgia. The coastal plain is the largest region of Georgia and is home to about 1.29 million people. The Coastal plain is a beautiful place to be because of the animals, forest, plant, and more.    

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Things to Do while visiting

The coastal plain can be a fun place for families and friend to have fun and have a good time. You can visit the Okefenokee swamp where you can see over 1000 different types of animal and plants. You can also visit the Barrier Islands to see what protects the state's coast form hurricanes and see the beautiful shores.       


In this area you can farming because of the warm temperate climate and grows important crops like peaches, peanuts, cotton, and Vidalia onions.

For scientist who studies animals and plants can do research in the Okefenokee swamp which contain over 1000 plants and animals.

Shipping is big in the Coastal Plain because of the international trade and how close it is to the Atlantic ocean and the river going inland like the savannah river.

Also lumber is big because of the paper manufacturing plants. These plenty of trees that grow back fast. Also you can make wood pulp and paper.

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