Maid Tortured By Employer

An Indonesian maid recently released comments about being tortured by her boss. Apparently, the maid, Erwiana, originally from Indonesia, was beaten, pushed off ladders, and hit with mops, rulers, and vacuum cleaners. The boss, Law Wan-tung, faces 21 charges. She pleads not guilty to 20 of them. On the other hand, she pleaded guilty to not paying the maids insurance. Erwin's claims that Wan-tung stripped her and sprayed with cold water and a fan was put in front of her for hours until she was able to be clothed again.

According to Erwiana, "She often punched my eyes and I was shocked. And she kept on punching and punching me." Erwiana was only allowed a bowl of rice and three pieces of bread a day. Also, she was only allowed to sleep for four hours during the afternoon. We have yet to hear if Law is guilty or not. Although, this has effected hundreds of thousands of people, leading them to protests about domestic abuse. One fact that was not highlighted was the fact that Law was led to beating her. Erwiana says that she would steal food, making Law beat her. I believe this will affect the outcome of the case.

Hong Kong is where the court is currently going over the case.

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This image shows Erwiana in a hospital bed in Indonesia.

The picture above shows a picture of Erwiana.

The picture above shows Erwiana in a wheelchair in the hospital in Indonesia.

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