#Shania Cousins' Rocking Summer!

Me and my Chinese hamster, Chips!

This is all the bigger he is going to get. He squeaks a lot and he is nocturnal. I love spending time holding him because he loves to cuddle! Yes, he is small, but he still is adorable!

Sparkle Twinkle Star, my dog!

Sparkle relaxing with her nose out the window in the car, Sparkle being good, and Sparkle when she was shivering! :) She was warm then in the robe! Isn't she the cutest? She loves getting dressed up!

Our Horses!

Buddy is the dark brown one he is 13. Tequila is the light brown one she is 13. Appy is the white and brown one she is about 26. We got to ride the two younger ones this summer!(My grandmother is with buddy in the first picture.)

The Monarch butterfly

This was the Monarch butterfly we hatched this summer. Just a week ago it finally hatched and flew away! These pictures are the progression until it hatched!

This summer I did a lot. I played with my hamster, went on a lot of walks with my dog and sister. We also went and rode our horses and Buddy (the dark brown one) bucked really hard. (I got him under control and was not hurt.) We went to the lake this summer a lot about every other weekend. We have a lake house by lake Pymatuning. We caught a lot of fish, went on bike rides and walked Sparkle for hours at a time. It was really fun! A few weeks ago I found a Monarch caterpillar and my mother found another one and we brought them home to watch them turn into butterflies. We gave one to my brother and his wife and kids to watch and we kept the other. It was really cool to watch the chrysalis change over night. This summer was truly a rocking summer! #PALCS

This is the Lake Pymatuning! The red X is where we have a house up there and stay. That is where we went this summer. It is really flat up there, so it is easy to go out and walk for a really long time.