Circle of friends :))

In every circle of friends, there's always that one person everyone secretly hates. Don't have one? Then it's probably you.

My best friend since birth! Hahahaha chos! She's my best friend since Grade 1. Our parents made us seat mate in the first day. At first we really don't talk to each other even though we are seat mates. Our parents told us to talk to each other and be friends. Then we always remembered the moment that our adviser came in, she asked me "Sino yung buntis na nagsusulat sa blackboard!" Then i told her that "adviser natin yan!" After we talked about it we always laugh. Then it all started. We're always in the same section. Our favorite game when we are in gr. 2 is that we always race in writing our lessons, although we are seated apart we always shout the word "finish!" Hahaha even though sometimes our teachers called our name because we are noisy. Hahahaha I always treat her in our recess or dismissal. I don't feel being "madamot" to her. I don't know. I always want that whatever i have she also has. I want to everything with her. She is my longest best friend. I love her very very much! :) we are already more than 10 years being best friends and still counting.

They are the other best friends that I really treasure. We started to be friends when we are in 3rd year high school just because of the cellphone of jamme. We took pictures together then we started chatting, talking, laughing until we became best friends. We laugh, we fight, we get irritated to each other, sometimes we even shouted at each other but its normal right? It's part of friendship and that's the reason why our friendship or let's just say our relationship of being friends gets deeper and deeper. They are KC, Ellene, Jamme, Me, and Imari ( from left to right) :))

They are my Fourth year friends! :)) section Reuben I really don't know how we all became friends xD We really had a hard time being a graduating student. There are so much to do everyday but because of my friends, we just enjoy every last moments of being a high school student. Because we will surely miss it and we really did. Because of IV - Reuben I learned to do my part alone and not with the help of someone or anyone. I got more responsible as a student. Thanks to my section.

If i had a hard time being a 4th yr high school student, what now being college? -,- It's very hard being a college student BUT because of them, I am enjoying my first year in college. Thanks to you guys! :)) yung mga naka solo na pictures, wala kase kayo sa groupie namin hahaha. Pero sana next time kumpleto na tayo. :) ang saya saya nyo kasama guys promise. Haha tawa there tawa here tawa everywhere. Ngayong centennial break, miss na miss ko na kayo. Well wala nako masabe hahahaha basta enjoy pa natin! Thankyouuuuuuuuu.