Is Obama Dealing ISIL and ISIS In the Right Way?

By: Zach

ISIS supporter carrying ISIS flag

      This Wednesday, September 17, 2014, the FBI warned Obama that support for ISIS has gone up since airstrikes in Iraq and Syria have started. (Yahoo News Digest) Obama does not want US troops fighting ISIS on the ground, but he does want to airstrike ISIS and also wants to train and supply Syrian rebels, letting them fight their own war. He also is not in this by himself. Many other countries support the decision to help rebels in Syria and Iraq.  This decision is not liked by all people though. One poll from New York Times/CBS News said "34% of Americans approved of the job Obama was doing on foreign policy". (New York Times/CBS News) I feel that Obama is not handling this situation in the right way. I feel that Syrians and Iraqis who say they are rebels could be persuaded into joining ISIS or ISIL and could use US military supplies and knowledge to help ISIS and ISIL. I would rather have Obama train Iraqi and Syrian rebels and then have US troops help them in fighting ISIS and ISIL. This way the rebels  would less likely become followers, and some more experienced US troops would be in charge. For that reason, I predict that this decision will have a bad outcome.


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Yahoo News Digest - Wednesday, September 17, 2014, "FBI warns of heightened IS popularity as House OKs arms for Syrian rebels (2)"

This map shows Iraq and Syria. ISIS and ISIL are located in these countries.

Obama is at a meeting discussing plans with other military leaders.

Obama giving a speech about the way he is fighting ISIS and ISIS

This is the ISIS flag

These are ISIS supporters driving their cars

ISIS military parade

Airplane that could be used for air strikes.

This article includes a video of Obama's Speech, and also has more information on why Obama acted the way he did.

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