To celebrate the winter season we are gathering stories, songs, poems, illustrations, and photographs from students all of ages, teachers, and schools around the world.  Once we have gathered all of the winter stories in the collaborative Google Slides presentation linked here and below, we will create a digital eBook to publish and share with our friends around the world.  

For a little inspiration, you can visit the Cantata Learning book and song Winter...The Coldest Season Of All.  They have made the eBook available to all of us in Capstone Interactive, which you can find here and the song is available for all of us on the Cantata Learning website here.  You can find the username and password to the eBook below.

You will find the sheet music and lyrics in the eBook. They are attached below, along with a Winter and Snowy Day Symbaloo filled with links to books, resources, play, learning and fun.

We are excited to see and hear the stories, illustrations, poems, and songs that are created by children around the world.  Please add your stories, songs and illustrations to the Google Slides presentation by December 7, 2015. We will have the collaborative story ready to share by December 12....just in time for winter and the holidays.

This will be perfect for those places in the world that don't have a snowy winter. Tell us what your seasons are like and learn from all of us about our winters. There will be opportunities for Skype's from winter places around the world and the wonderful people behind this Cantata Learning book too...more to come on this.

What a special way to celebrate the winter and holidays!  And we cannot wait to celebrate creativity, reading, learning, and sharing with all of you.

Please add your name, school, location, grade, and plans for the collaborative winter story to the Google Document below or click here.

Are your students going to write their own song to the Winter The Coldest Season Of All music? Are they going to draw winter scenes or create a collage? Are they going to share stories, poems, and photographs about winter around the world?  

You may create your stories and music using digital tools too. There are a few digital tools to create winter music, poetry, interactive stories, art, avatars, and more included on the
Winter Symbaloo here.

My young friends have created awesome examples of Winter Around The World and they are included towards the bottom.

Click on My Capstone Library above to go to the eBook Winter...The Coldest Season Of All.  
The username is snowing and password is singing.

Listen to the story and music of Winter...The Coldest Season Of All by clicking on the Cantata Learning website above.

We hope this will inspire your students to write winter songs of their own. If you have a song recording or video to share, please send that to and we will add these to the story too.

Please add the winter stories, songs, illustrations and poems that your students create to the Google Slides presentation here or the button above.

To add your stories, illustrations, songs and poems, you can take any of the pages that are blank….there is not a special order for this collaborative winter story. Please remember to add the name of your school, grade level, and location...and any other message you would like to share.  

If you have a song recording or video to share, please send that to and we will add these to the story too.

You can order Winter...The Coldest Season Of All and the other Cantata Learning books and eBooks from Capstone at the link above.

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