Sir Francis Drake

Privater,slaver and explorer extraordinaire


Francis Drake was born between the years 1540-5144 and was the oldest of 12 kids born to Edmund and Mary Drake.Later on in life Francis Drake became a privateer after being given his licence by queen Elizabeth the first on his new ship the Judith after being a merchant.


Francis Drake was an Englishman to heart and as such was Knighted by queen Elizabeth the first much to the annoyance of the Spanish King at the time.Shortly afterward Francis Drake helped the English take out a Spanish  fleet by outmaneuvering their slower ships and tore the fleet apart with cannon fire.Also while on a expedition Francis Drake claimed the coast of California for Queen Elizabeth  the first.Then after that Francis Drake sailed across the world becoming the first englishman to do so.Also during his raid on Nombre De Dios after his co leader Thomas Doughty was captured and killed Drake became the leader of the fleet with John Wyner being the second in command.

Impact on the world today

Sir Francis Drake made a very large impact on the world by increasing the economy of the English at the time.Also due to his many raids on the Spanish he was a big player in the English army's effort to defeat the Spanish. Sadly Sir Francis Drake died of dysentery but he was buried at sea which lets many people to search for his grave to perhaps find treasure of the coast of  



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