"Remember the Titans"and "42" Race/Discrimination comparision

This was one of the Most inspiring quotes in the movie. The things coach Boon said were inspiring to all the players and kept them going throught the season.

This scene in the movie Shows that race can not come between people that have to work as a team. If you let someones color come between two people they cant be a team like they need to be.

This picture shows the moment where Jackie was batting and the other teams coach was hazing him. In this moment you really have to be strong because if jackie would have reacted bad he would have easily been kicked out of baseball. It also showed the connection between the blacks and whites because one of Jackie teammates stood up for him.

There are many African american people in baseball today because of what Jackie did. Back then it was bad to have a black player on your team but today it is normal. Back then to see Jackie playing baseball was unheard of and very unusual. He paved a new road for all blacks who would like to play baseball.

Movie summaries

  • 42-Jackie was a black man who was going to be the first black man to play big league baseball. He gets offered to play for the dogers. he will get a 3,500 bonous for signing and 600 a month. They kept telling him that he would be getting a lot of crap from all the white ball players. He is really scared but has to keep his temper down. He will end up being a super star ball player and changing the game of baseball forever.
  • Remember the titans- An all white school joined with an all black school. The white school coach lost his job to the black coach Boon . The whites were outraged that there coach lost his job to a black man. Now the team is going to camp together and they have to meat with every player and get to know them. The whites do not like the blacks. They two races are going to have to come together and become best friends and family to make a great football team.

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