Huskies Digging Deep!

On March 9-10, Ms. Findley's 11th grade US History classes combined with Mrs. Reid's 9th grade English classes to do a joint analysis on primary US documents.

We can't wait to share the results!

The project:

Mrs. Findley's US History students were paired with English I students from Mrs. Reid's classes and each team was given a primary document to analyze. Each of the documents dealt with some issue of intolerance in America, with dates ranging from 1890-1930 (to reflect what the history students had been studying). Mrs. Reid's freshmen (who are discussing intolerance along with their study of To Kill a Mockingbird) analyzed the documents to search for bias and rhetorical bias and reported what they found using textual evidence. Ms. Findley's juniors were tasked with a historical analysis of the same document, in which they used the APPARTS format to organize their thinking and report their thoughts. the partners were then tasked with responding to their document and discussing what had changed since their document was published. In many cases, students thought that there was still evidence of their particular type of intolerance in America, though many noted specific changes that had been positive in terms of addressing intolerance in our country.

Our students share their thoughts on the project:

What they wrote, what they think...

Here, you will find samples of our students' writing. Each folder linked here represents one team's work on a specific primary document. Ms. Findley's students were given a topic and tasked with finding a primary document that dealt with that topic, then the juniors and freshmen were paired and given two days in the media center to complete their work. The primary documents they analyzed are included within their google docs. Enjoy!

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