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The Outsiders/Hero's Journey Essay

My Essay Reflection

1. I think my writing developed massively due to mr. Divens amazing teaching.

2. I am advanced at sensory pictures and making the audience imagine the setting.

3. I need to work on my CUPS ALOT because that's what I always get dinged on.

4. I liked this book because I feel emotionally connected to the characters making it really easy to write this essay.

The Outsiders/Hero's Journey Essay

The Outsides/Hero’s Journey Adam Pelavin

5/5/14 Per. 2

When most people think of hero’s they think of batman and spiderman. This happens because all the movies that came out showing good guys defeating bad guys. A casual person, that had a supernatural thing happen to them. However, This is not the only kind of hero. There is a less “super” hero. A hero like PonyBoy Curtis who goes on a Hero’s Journey. He didn’t do it for the fame and glory or superhuman ability but solely to return with a gift. In the realistic fiction novel The Outsiders by S.E Hinton the main character PonyBoy Curtis goes on a Hero’s Journey because he travels through the three required phases of a monomyth.

PonyBoy experiences The Separation from the Known when his good friend Johnny kills a soc. When Johnny and Pony getting into trouble with some socs. They tried to drown PonyBoy as a result Johnny stabs Bob the socs and he cries, “I killed that boy.” (56). In the Hero’s Journey, The Separation from the known is when the hero leaves the familiar and ventures in the scary world. Usually caused by a trimatic change. In the Outsiders PonyBoy experiences the separation from the known when he is with his good friend Johnny and they get into trouble and Johnny cries out. “I killed that boy.” (56.) Causing PonyBoy great discomfort thus separating him from the known.

Ponyboy experiences The Initiation when Pony and Johnny go to the church. At the church, Johnny cuts Ponyboys hair to disguise him to not match the picture in the paper. Pony looks in the mirror and says, “Boy howdy, I thought, this really makes me look tuff. I look like a blasted pansy.” (72). This shows the initiation because he is undergoing challenges and outside his comfort zone because greasers are supposed to have long greasy hair which is part of their identity.

Ponyboy continues to experience The Initiation when he has recovered, and Darry is caring for him. While Pony and Soda are laying together in bed Darry asks Pony, “how’d you like some mushroom soup?” (158). In the Hero’s Journey, the second part of The Initiation is when the hero is at their low point, comeback to overcome it and once it’s over, he or she is relaxed. In The Outsiders, Ponyboy experiences atonement when he’s with Darry and Soda. Creating a calm mood because Pony has realized and accepted that socs will always be treated high class, and the greasers will always have the short end of the stick.

Ponyboy experiences The Return to Everyday Life when he writes a theme for English.

When Pony returns to school he is with his English teacher and is told to raise his grade.

“Ponyboy I’d like to talk to you about your grades.” (169). In the Hero’s Journey, The Return to Everyday Life is when the hero returns to everyday life and is suitable with the changes that happened. In the Outsiders, Ponyboy returns home when he writes a book to raise his grade in

This is not the only kind of hero, In the realistic fiction novel The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

the main character Ponyboy Curtis goes on a Hero’s Journey. Because he travels through the four required phases of a monomyth. Ponyboy experiences the Hero’s Journey when his good friend, Johnny kills a soc, when Pony and Johnny go to the church, when he recovers and Darry is caring for him, when he writes he’s theme for english. It is possible that someone could get super powers or build a super suit but the chances or slim. However, a Hero’s Journey can be gone on by anyone. He or she just needs to be prepared and willing to venture forth and take a risk. If completed correctly they will be rewarded with a quite pleasant gift.

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