Thomas McFarland DDS - A Believer in Community Service

Thomas McFarland DDS, a successful dentist in the Saint Anthony, Minnesota area, is a strong supporter of community service. He endorses community service as an activity that benefits the volunteer as much as the community being helped. There are a number of reasons for this belief.

First, engaging in a volunteer opportunity, says Tim McFarland DDS, grants an individual a chance to connect with their community at the ground level; human relationships. This means that the individual will be more exposed to news that is affecting their community, which allows them to have greater control in their reaction. For instance, a volunteer may hear wind of a bill that is being pushed by their local government, which gives them the opportunity to support or combat the bill more effectively. Forming genuine human relationships is healthy, beyond connecting a person to news; friendships are integral part of being human. People find that the more true friends they have, the happier they are.

Another reason that engaging in charitable service is good for the individual, says Thomas McFarland DDS, is that it is an extremely rewarding experience. It feels to create something with your own hands and see it appreciated immediately. It also ties into giving, which has been shown to produce happiness in humans. It is true that altruistic people experience more happiness than selfish people. For all of these reasons, Thomas McFarland DDS encourages people to become involved in their communities. He has engaged in many volunteer opportunities over the course of his career, most often in the hospital setting.