2 Cups vs. 1 : Which will erode more?

By: Joe & Tristan


Which will erode more? 2 cups with 500 mL each or 1 cup with 1 Liter?


We think 2 cups will erode more than 1 because with 2 cups the water will be spread out and it will move the "land" more.


1. 2 cups with 1 big hole in each

2. 1 liter

3. stream table

4. bowl for catching water

5. one ruler


We had 2 cups and we poured 500 mL in each. We measured how far the land went. It went 12 inches. Next, we got 1 cup and poured 1 liter in it. It moved the land only 8 inches.

The results were that 1 cup made the soil go 8 inches.

The results were that 2 cups made the soil go 10 inches.


We thought that 2 cups with 500 mL in each will move the soil farther, and we were right. Our evidence is that the 2 cup trial moved the soil 10 inches, while the 1 cup trial only moved it 8 inches. Our reasoning is it has rained a lot lately where we have lived, and 1 giant rain didn't move the soil very far, though 2 small rains moved all sorts of things to peoples yards.