Arabian Peninsula

by: Bryn Mattes

I just went to the Arabian Peninsula. It was amazing, but it was very hard to survive. There deserts, oases, coastal plans, and mountains. Here are some tips to survive and live in all of them.


Deserts are very hot and dry. Tips to survive in the desert are to wear loose fitting clothes so that you won't be too hot and it protects all of your sink. Another tip is to raise cattle like camel to help travel. Also it is good to sent up tents to protect yourself from the sand and hot conditions.


Oases very in size and the land there is very fertile. A tip for surviving in an Oases is to build houses out of palm tree so it will be strong and sturdy. Another tip is to settle predominately settle in oases because it the only place in a dessert to have water and nicer temperatures and rain.  

Coastal Plains

Coastal Plains range from 5 to 40 mile of land and the air is damp and moist. A tip to survive in a coastal plain is to build deep wells, dams, and irrigation systems to get. Another tip is to conserve rain water in canals so that way the always enough water to spare and conserve it. Also a tip to survive in coastal plains is to collect tree sap for different goods like medicine.


Mountains raise up from 1,000 to 12,000 feet high and have moist winds. One tip is that the made their house out of mud to stay warm. Another tip is to create flat areas for growing crops.

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