Catcher in the Rye Reading Log: Jacob Amireh

Chapter 1-2

"They're nice and all-I'm not saying that- but they're touchy as hell."(Salinger 1)

Chapter 3-4

"What I did was, I pulled the old peak of my hunting hat around to the fornt, then pulled it down over my eyes"(Salinger 21).


In Chapters 3-4 Holden goes back from Mr. Spencers house to his old dormitory at Prencey Prep. Since there is a big football game going on, he is one of the only ones there. He begins to read a book, and explains how even though he is quite illeterate, he likes to read. he states his favorite authors are DB and ring Lardner. However, a senior from one of the rooms next to his comes into his room. His name is Aackley. Aackley was a tall, disgusting, pimple covered senior, who if messed with, could be a bully. he hates Salinger ( Holdens roomate). Aackley comes in and touches and picks up everything he sees. He blocks off the light aswell to stop Holden from reading his book "Out of Africa". Holden then startes messing around, pulling over his hat over his head and repeating the same line over and over again. In Chapter 4, Holden's roomate Salinger comes into the room asking to borrow Holdens Jacket, as he is on a date and he ruined it. Holden says yes, but Salinger exclaims that he has to shave before he leaves. While he was shaving, he tells Holden about his date, and Holden knows who she is. Her name is Jean Gallagher and she used to be Holdens neighbor. Holden then tells Salinger about her, and although he does not listen, he states some interesting facts. He talks about her family situation and her parents are divorced, but her mom married a drinker.

Chapter 5-6

In these chapters, a callous Holden writes about his dead brothers baseball mitt. The clandestine was hidden in his bag and serves as a reminder to his dead brother. He uses the indelible memories of his brother to finally write his roommate's composition,. Despite being irrelevant to the topic he was supposes to write about, he describes the mitt and everything on it. When he finishes, he ruminates on his bed until his roommate returns from his date.

7-13 Discussion Questions

7: "Why does Holden ask Ackley what it takes to becomes a monk?

8: Why does Holden Lie to Ernest Morrow's mother.

9: Why does Holden stop himself from calling so many people.

10.  How does Holden get himself to ask the ladies To dance.

11. How does Holden remembers Jane?

12. Where does Holden go after?

13. What does Holden think abot doing to the theif?

John Green Main Points

1. Although the book cannot be made into a movie, the visuals smbols provided keep the idea fluid.

2. Holden tries the whole novel to stop time and prevent himself from going up.

3. Salinger uses diction as a symbol by using it to create diction and emotion

14-17 Discussion Questions

14. Who does Holden hate most in the bible and why?

15. What conversation does Holden make during Breakfast and what does he think of the people he talks too.

16. Why does Holden like the museum so much?

17. Where does Holden insist on going the week after with Sally and why does she say no?

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