5 Educational Apps

Speak It, is an app that allows you to input text and have it spoken back to you. There are also ways to edit the speed of the speech. This can open up a number of opportunities to students who have trouble speaking or even presenting ideas out loud in class. Simply typing something in and having another voice do the talking for you can ease tension in class presentations. Click on the app icon to take you to a short video describing how it works.

Numbler Math Game is a really cool app that would allow students to play a math game which focuses on simple mathematical equations in order to earn points similar to scrabble. This could be used in an elementary math class in order to solidify basic math concepts. However a $1.99 upgrade is needed to unlock all features. Click on the app icon to take you to a short video showing how the app works.

Solve The Outbreak is an app that puts you in the shoes as a disease investigator to figure out what disease is affecting a certain population. This would be perfect for a biology class that deals with diseases. The only downsides are that the app is apple exclusive, and there are limited number of missions. Click on the app badge to view a short video review of the app.

Video Science is an app that allows teachers to search from dozens of uploaded, science lesson plans. I can also think that this would be great for the teacher who didn't have the time to properly prepare a lesson and is running a little behind schedule, or for the teacher who wants to freshen up the classroom with new ideas. (No video, as watching a video about videos doesn't make too much sense.)

SkyORB is an app that allows students to view the exact position of planets in the solar system and learn various facts related to our solar system. This app is perfect for teachers who are teaching an astronomy lesson. Click the app icon to watch a short video showcasing how the app works.

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