San Diego State University

San Diego State University, home of the Aztecs, was founded on March 13th,  1897,  making it the third oldest university in the state of California. It was founded as San Diego Normal School, a school specializing in educating and training elementary teachers. On January 1st, 1974, The school changed its name to San Diego State Over the years, SDSU has grown and now has over 35,000 students attending the school and an alumni of more than 260,000. Because of San Diego State's amazing location, you're never too far from their world class zoo, the beach, Disneyland, Six Flags, and Sea World.

Fight Song

Admission Requirements

  • Completion of a–g courses: As a first-time freshman applicant, you must complete, with grades of C or higher, the 15-unit comprehensive pattern of college preparatory courses.
  • Eligibility Index (GPA and test scores): The eligibility index is the combination of your high school grade point average and your SAT/ACT test scores. All California State University campuses use the eligibility index as part of the admission decision.
  • The major to which you apply: You must choose a major when you apply to SDSU. All majors are competitive, and every major has more applicants than available slots (the CSU calls this impaction). During admission applicants are ranked within each major, rather than overall. The popularity of majors changes every year based on the applicant pool. Admission is major-specific, which means you cannot change your major during the application process. Specific majors will have additional requirements you must meet for admission to the major and the university. Music, Dance and Theatre Arts (Performance) require applicants to pass an audition as part of the admissions process. Nursing majors will be ranked for admission by their college preparatory courses, GPA and sub scores in Critical Reading/English and mathematics of the SAT Reasoning and ACT tests. You must also have earned a B or better grade in high school intermediate algebra, biology and chemistry with lab courses. If AP or IB level courses were taken in these areas, you must earn a B or better grade in the course.

Tuition and Costs

Campus Life - Aztec Nights

Come join in, and enjoy nighttime fun-fests like:

  • Templo del Sol - An annual fall semester initiation for new Aztecs, to welcome new students into the SDSU family. Learn the fight song, meet new friends, and get into the Aztec groove!
  • Campus Carnival - Come out to Campanile Walkway for rides, games, bright lights, carnival snacks, and more!
  • Screen on the Green - What's more fun than an outdoor movie with popcorn and new friends? Bring a blanket and camp out for the evening!
  • Midnight Study Break - Free to all SDSU students at the end of each semester. Take a break from studying and enjoy late-night breakfast treats, prizes, and study tips to help get you through finals!

Degree Plan - Art (Multimedia)

Being a Photographer

To  become a Photographer, you need no more than a High School Diploma but in 2022 it is estimated that photography positions will only expand 4%. To make your self unique and more desirable, it is highly encouraged to get a degree to increase your chances of achieving your dream job. The average photographer makes about $55,936 a year in the United States.

Cover Letter

Matt Emsell                                                                                                            May 20th, 2015

Good Afternoon Mr.Emsell,

I would like to apply for the position to be a photographer for a band you manage, 5 Seconds of Summer.

Throughout my career I have gained an abundance of experience and skills. I earned my degree at San Diego State University (SDSU) while working at a local photography store. There, I learned a lot of the basics you need to know in the photography business and how to manage certain situations that may unexpectedly occur.

Soon after graduating from college, I moved to New York to begin my internship with Vogue Magazine. Vogue Magazine helped me decide what exactly I wanted to do with my life. They showed me how to highlight the models’ personalities and really bring the pictures to life.

I am currently living in Los Angeles working as a photographer for a modeling agency. This job requires a lot from me but I am eager to correctly complete the job. It would be my pleasure to see you in the near future for an interview. Thank you for your time.


Emma Larson

8325 Summer Breeze Dr.

Los Angeles, California 90015

915.789.4567 (C)

310.839.2321 (H)

Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my greatest pleasure to recommend my previous intern, Emma Larson, for a job as a photographer for the band 5 Seconds Of Summer. Ms. Larson has shown passion, creativity and dedication towards her photography while working under my leadership. She believes in capturing the moments that are rare and unusual and have great meaning to her.

Ms. Larson is a unique individual that strives to go beyond the average standard. . She shows individuality and creativity in her passion. She understands the meaning of individuality in the sense that she can capture one’s personality in a photo. She embodies innovation and incorporates her broad knowledge of the world into her photography. Her extensive knowledge of the world also allows her to incorporate diversity into her pictures.

She goes above and beyond anyone I have mentored before. She has gained the valuable knowledge and experience through my mentoring to prepare her for this job. It is without a doubt that she would benefit your association with her unique skills and experience as well as cultivated and innovative mind. It is only logical to accept her and if you have any questions or concerns you would like to address with me you can contact me at

Rebecca Hernandez

Editor of Vogue Magazine

Manager of Photographic Design

Vogue Magazine


New York City, NY

Tel: (212) 123-4567


Emma Larson

792 Swag Ln

El Paso, Texas



As a child, I always loved the art of photography. I was lucky to have a family that supported my love and helped me to develop my talent. I am now a twenty something professional photographer. I have a bachelor of Arts degree in multimedia. I have had extensive training and many educational experiences that have formed and developed my style of photography. I have received many awards for my work and have been praised highly because of it.


Assistant, L.A. Photography; Los Angeles, CA — 2023 - Present

Currently, I am working as an assistant at L.A. Photography while I search for a job. I really love this job and aspire to find a job that will make me as happy as this one has as well as the previous jobs I have had.

Intern, Vogue Magazine; New York, NY — 2022 - 2023

Though my internship at Vogue in New York pushed my talents, skills, and sanity to the limits, it was one of the most educational and exhilarating events I have ever experienced. My mentor, friend, and editor of Vogue, Rebecca Hernandez, taught me that if you believe in yourself and your work, you can get almost anywhere you want.

Lifeguard at the SDSU Swimming Pool — 2019 - 2021

In my free time at San Diego State University, I spent it enjoying the clear beautiful pool as a lifeguard to prevent deaths and help my fellow peers maintain safe pool etiquette.

Waitress, The Pizza Factory; El Paso, TX — May 2016 - August 2016

During the summer of 2016, my parents suggested that I get a job to earn extra spending money and teach me the responsibilities of having a job and to prepare me for the rest of my life. Though out this job I crafted pizzas and had the honor of taking care of customers.


Pebble Hills High School — High School Diploma 2018

San Diego State University — Bachelors in Art (Multimedia)


Through out my life I’ve always had an interest in learning about how or why things work/happen. This has been an enormous blessing in my life, allowing me to accumulate many skills. I have the ability to use almost all computer programs working with photography, especially photoshop. I can also easily adapt to any camera that is handed to me. I believe that I was gifted with the talent to turn any boring landscape into a majestic picture that takes you to another world.

Persuasive Essay

Throughout my high school career at Pebble Hills High School, I have thought of attending many different colleges. I have researched hundreds of schools trying to find the perfect one for me and I believe that it’s San Diego State University. I should go to San Diego State because I am an excellent student, allowing me to benefit you school greatly.

While attending my high school, I have participated in many different extracurricular activities. One of my favorites was having the amazing opportunity of being a photographer for the yearbook. I attended many sporting events including football games, tennis matches, and basketball games. I was also privileged to photograph theater productions, however my favorite pictures were the candid shots I took of students enjoying the campus and all it has to offer. Being a high school photographer, I cultivated many new skills allowing me to manipulate the camera and the surrounding area to achieve the most flattering shot of my subject. I learned that being a photographer can be very rewarding. I think this is what made me decide that I really want to be a photographer in today’s world.

My biggest dream is to someday have my own photography business and I believe the best place for me to do this is San Diego State University. I think I will grow and learn the most at you school. I hope throughout this letter you have considered my enrollment in you school. Thank you for your time.