She's Dating The Gangster

[Movie Review]


       From the most viewed Wattpad story and best-seller fiction novel published under Summit Books, She's Dating The Gangster's author, Bianca Bernardino also known as SGwannaB takes her masterpiece being known nationwide as it was recently played into big screens that sent shivers down everybody's spine and been a hot trending topic not just by teens but everyone who witnessed the movie adaptation.

Year 2012, my last year in high school, I remember being bored while  scrolling through my newsfeed lazily when I decided to read this story half of my class has been blabbering about. My curiosity has taken over me to read this story since some of my classmates has been talking about how great this story is. I hardly believe them saying this story is so unexpected and such since I'm not really into reading. I don't usually read books or stories because I prefer watching movies but then my curiosity and my boredom pushed me to this and I started reading this story posted in wattpad. I'm not actually familiar in this site but it wasn't my first time visiting this site as well. I remember my senior schoolmate asking me to read her story posted here and so I did. And nothing follows after that. And so, I started reading it and got hooked since the story has something related to korea, koreans and korean culture and language. I spent a whole day and a half in front of my laptop reading this story which made me laugh, fall in love, feel heartache, hurt and in the end, cry and ultimately sad. I clearly remember myself weeping in front of my laptop alone in my room while reading the last parts of the story. The feeling was still clear as well. Those goosebumps and shivers and sadness and tears I had were the most remarkable ones.

And not too long ago, this awesome story I've first ever read on line was brought live. Star Cinema produced my favorite story into movie! And you wouldn't know how excited I was when I first heard about the news. So when the movie started being played nationwide, I wasted no time and watched the movie on its first week. Though I restrain myself to expect a lot from this movie, I still did. I hoped for it to be just okay, just to not disappoint me since I heard they made some revisions from the original story, and to my surprise, it was more than I expected!


I silently hoped for a good movie adaptation of this awesome story but they did it better than I expected! Yes, andaming ni-revise na parts. Yung flow ng story at yung ending pero nevertheless, It was great! What more to say eh star cinema produced 'to and cathy garcia-molina directed. PLUS! Ang actors. Superb. Omg kathniel! Grabe. You dont know how much I love them now. They improved so much! As in a lot! Ive been watching their tv series naman kaya napansin ko talaga yung huge improvement nila when it comes to acting. Super natural nila lalo na si kath! She's not like any other teen actress na trying hard umarte. She's just too simple and too natural when it comes to acting! Hindi siya yung inaartehan yung boses kapag sinasabi yung line, hindi overacting at higit sa lahat NAPAKAGANDA NIYA. Grabe the whole movie I was cursing in my head how much I hate her bc she's so beautiful and her body is just as envious as ef. Even dj improved. Dati i think he's lacking with his facial expressions pero ngayon okay na hihi. They perfectly fit each other! Everytime he hugs kathryn in a scene seems like the most normal thing to do for him. Wala, as in walang ilangan kahit sobrang lapit nila sa isat isa. Yung tipong sobrang comfortable nila sa isat isa na hanggang sayo na nanonood lang sa screen e mararamdaman mo yung libo-libong kilig. Hihi kahit yung ibang lines nila parang normal lang silang magkausap eh. At si luke. Naalala ko siya bigla kasi si Khalil Ramos yung gumanap sakanya. Hindi nga lang siya masyadong nabigyan ng spotlight kasi naka-focus talaga yung story ng movie kina Kenji at Athena which is okay naman kesa bigyan ng maraming lines si Khalil na mahahaba at walang kwenta. haha!

It was a great movie adaptation for me! Can't help but compare it to Diary ng Panget the movie pero walang sinabi yung DNP para sa'kin. It's just my opinion tho. Para kasing minadali yung movie ng DNP eh. Anyway, ang ganda talaga nito and I would love to watch it again and again!

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