Zac Duff - 7f - Digital Tech and Editing

Value: Teamwork

I chose this picture because i think the Army use lots of TeamWork and Bravery sadly i couldn't find a good Australian Army photo.    

To edit this photo first I gave it a cool effect then added a cool border and a Skull sticker, and then some text.

I chose this photo because it was cute and still shows teamwork.

To edit this first I added a love heart sticker an the leafy border. But it was a bit boring so I added an effect and text.

I chose this photo because you use a lot of teamwork in paint ball.

To edit this first thing I did was brighten parts of the photo then added a border and a blood splat.

I chose this photo because these two guys are using teamwork while skydiving.

First thing I did was add a plane sticker to make it look higher and then added a border and text. But I thought it was plain so I added swirls.

This is a collage of my edited and non-edited photos.

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