Magnify your Focus

Mike Morgan - a pizza guy

Image from Getty Images

The Ivanpah solor power plant located in the desert produces energy for over 140,000 homes[1]. Over 300,000 computer controlled mirrors direct sunlight at 3 Solar Receiver towers 459 feet above the desert floor. The resulting heat that is created boils water, which turns steam turbines. If you stand in that desert, will you be hot and uncomfortable, yes. However, nothing special will happen. This project is able to harness and focus the energy of the sun and magnify it to vaporize hundreds of thousands of gallons of water every day. This is only possible through the unbelievable power of magnification through focus.

How much do you harness the power of focus each day? We are permanently connected to communication and distraction. Finding a quiet few minutes can be nearly impossible. Our lack of focus fuels our worries. Lack of focus creates brick walls in front of our dreams. Regardless of the difficulty, it is important that you make this time important each day. Try focusing on one thing for 3 minutes. It is very difficult. Your mind will continue to wander toward everything but the item you are attempting to focus on. Don’t give up. Keep practicing. As you keep trying, you will begin to have a refreshing clarity of thought. Focus brings solutions. Focus brings clarity. Focus erodes excuses. Focus deconstructs fear. You will find that the most complex and daunting challenges you have cannot stand up to the power of clear and sustained thought. When you focus on a problem or an opportunity your plan starts to unfold out in front of you. When you focus, the things you need to tackle the obstacle become clear. Nothing can withstand your focused energy.