Show life respect, and it shall return the favor

The marines is without a doubt the toughest branch of our military, hence the term "The few, the proud". They have several different types of jobs for our marines and all involve helping people and saving lives.

All I ever want to do in life is help and make people happy. So I've decided to become a marine after high school because God gave me my life and I want to return the favor by sharing his help with the world. Because the United States Marines have had a huge impact on the world already.

I want to be one of the enlisted because I don't believe that the officers are doing enough or at least I feel like I can do more by being out in the field and actually doing the work and saving lives.

First step is to graduate high school. Then I must be tested in the physical examination. After, I have to go through Recruit Training (boot camp). Then I get to choose what kind of job or career i want to have in the Marines. Since I'm choosing to become a Sniper, I must go through Infantry Training after boot camp. Then I have two options

  • go to an Infantry battalion, volunteer for the scout/sniper platoon.
  • go to a Recon unit, qualify to be a Recon Marine. You can volunteer for scout/sniper school after achieving Recon Marine status.

Now after all that, I must become at least a Lance Corporal till I can even volunteer for the scout sniper career. then I must score a 100 or better on the General Technical part of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (A.S.V.A.B.). Then even my battalion must agree that I'm worthy of going into Scout Sniper Training.

Then I will take the Basic Scout Sniper Course even though it's recommended. Then I have the choice that I must pick either to take courses at the Marine Corps Institute (MCI) such as Land Navigation, Patrolling, or Reconnaissance Marine.

THEN Finally.., I go to Scout Sniper Training which immediately after I am officially a Marine Scout Sniper!

Our snipers do surveillance, take out targets, recon, and scouting. They also support infantry teams as look outs and precision support.

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