By: Ashley H.

Treblinka was started by Nazi and the death camp started in July 1942.Mostly everyone were put apart. Women and children separate from men and they killed thousands of jewish there. They took their clothes of and put them in prison with gas in it.In the end of Treblinka camps  the germans killed between 870,000 and 925,000 Jews at the killing center.

10 interesting facts

  • The Treblinka Extermination Camp was divided into two sections
  • almost a million people died there
  • women had their hair cut off
  • Treblinka started the gassing chambers
  • Treblinka is located in the north-eastern region
  • Treblinka chose to put the camp there so it would be out  of sight
  • The construction work started in 1942
  • The Treblinka camp was laid out and surrounded by barbed wire
  • Watchtowers were set up 8m high that were in four corners
  • The camp staff of Treblinka were responsible for the mass killing of Jews

Timeline Of Treblinka  

  • July 19, 1942 the death camp Treblinka began
  • July 23, 1942 The gas chambers of Treblinka two had deported about 265,000 Jews.
  • October 5, 1942 The first deportations from the Ghetto in German.
  • October 15, 1943 more Jews were brought to suffer in the Holocaust one point seven million Jews died.

people important in the Treblinka

  • Nazis- killed the Jews
  • Jews- killed in the holocaust by gassing
  • Treblinka Army- put the Jews in the gas chambers
  • Gypsies- has also been killed in the holocaust
  • German- helped the Treblinka army and the Nazis kill more than one thousand Jews.

The rescue of Jews

  • Feng- Shan Ho tried to rescue the Jews but have been caught trying to sneak into the holocaust.
  • The Europeans also helped the Jews but if they got caught they were supposed to help in the concentration camps.

Why is my topic important

It is important for the people to know about my topic because they should know what happened in the past so it wont happen again. The  things they should remember is how  much the jew  suffered . So they wont suffer


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