European slave trader

With the discovery of new sea lanes, European countries began to establish colonies and obtained huge wealth from overseas. Slowly, the plunder of the colonies couldn’t satisfy their needs anymore, so the Europeans started to operate the colonies, they began to plant tobacco and cotton plantation in North America. Initially, the people working on the plantations were mostly white indentured servants, but most of the white contracts couldn't adapt to the hot weather and heavy labor, which led to a serious shortage of labor. So the European settlers had to find new sources of labor; they found the slaves from Africa. For tropical diseases, black slaves had very strong immune systems. The use of black slave labor was much cheaper than the use of white indentured servants on the plantation. They were also easier to manage and feed. Therefore, Atlantic trade had officially started, and gradually became a profitable and booming business. It was through this business that I got rich.
I am a British slave trader who has 15 ships and mainly do the slave trade in North America. I have to spend a few months time to prepare for every trade trip. At the beginning of the trip, I'll buy a lot of consumer goods in England and put them into my ships as much as possible. Then depart from the England port, voyage to coast of West Africa. On the coast of West Africa, I exchange my goods with the local king for slaves, and then carry the slaves across the Atlantic, bound for North America. Every voyage, these slaves get serious infections, in order to avoid being infected by the infectious disease, I have to equip many medicines for myself on the ship, even though they all live in the bottom of the cabin. Sometimes, if they get very sick, I will throw the sick ones off of the ship, because I don't want to lose many slaves. After I arrive in North America, I go to the slave market where I usually trade with the local people. I auction my slaves shirtless in order to be easier for my customers to choose, and then I sell the slaves and get raw materials, the gold and silver from the colonist, then sail back to Britain. Many people call the trade like mine Atlantic trade. Every time I voyage, it lasts more than six months, each of the journeys was hard and dangerous; serous disasters like storms may occur in the journey. I love my business, however sometimes my heart ached when I see those slaves. I still continue my business because the harvest of each voyage is quite considerable.
The American colonists are very welcoming for my arrival every time and they spend a lot of money to buy the slaves. The slaves are useful and very important to them. These slaves provide sufficient labor to the colonists’ plantations and make the economy of the colony develop rapidly. Black slaves have the tenacious vitality, they are not easy to get sick, and are convenient to manage. That's also the reason why Americans kept using slaves for a really long time. After years, America slowly became a big slave market. More and more people sell the slaves to North America, and of course I made a lot of money there as well. Even after the War of Independence in America, southern America kept buying and using slaves. It continued until 1862, when Lincoln issued the Emancipation proclamation which finally ended the slave trade. For my country - Britain, we have gradually become the world's largest slave trade country; from the colonial sugar garden and the slave trade we obtained huge profits. Years later, this money became the main financial source as a support in our Industrial Revolution and laid a solid foundation for the Britain's development.

The Atlantic Slave Trade

I bought goods in England and exchange them for slaves from west and central Africa. I ship these slaves to North America which is my main trading place.

slave trading with the local African king

With the trading between the local kings, I get a large number of slaves. The kings often sell prisoners or prison inmates to me as the slaves, some of the prisoners come from the war with the other tribes and others come from criminals within their own tribe. I think the reason that they sell the prisoners to me is trying to avoid these criminals do any more bad things in the local. But the prisoners are not enough to satisfy my desire, I need more slaves!

Slaves shipping

I select slaves carefully every time, and bring them into my ship as much as possible. During the shipping, they often get infectious diseases. The slaves who got infectious diseases were often put into the sea. During the sailing, if we encountered bad weather such as storm which would delay the sailing schedule, and causes the insufficient of fresh water and food, we will also throw part of the slaves into the sea.

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