inventions of the industrial revolutions

The Telephone-1876

lightbulb- 1879

The telephone- the telephone was invented in 1876 by Alexander Graham bell.  it made communication between businesses much quicker, and made it so companies didn't have to rely on mail, or postal services

Automatic lubricator- 1872

The lightbulb was perfected by thomas Edison in 1879.  After the lightbulb was perfected, many people did not need to use oil lamps and candles for lights, and the original light bulb had a filament that could let the bulb glow for up to 1500 hours.

The automatic lubricator for steam engines helped transportation all over the US. without it, directors of traind would have to do alot more work.

The typewriter-1873

The type writer was invented in 1873 by Christopher sholes. it was used to make newspapers, and magazines, and provided fast and reliable information through reporters and editors in the US.

Dishwasher- 1886

the dishwasher was created in 1886 by Josephine cochrane, and the reason wasn't just for practical reasons, it was to relieve all the stress on house wives around the world

hand held camera-1888

George Eastman created the hand held camera in 1888, and helped the world capture memories forever.  It made photos more accessible to people, and the economy.

gasoline powered automobile-1893

the duryea brothers invented the gasoline powered automobile in 1893, and latger became the car.  The automobile increased transportation, and now cars are used everay day by millions.

first succsessful powered flight- 1903

The wright brothers succsessfully had the first powered flight in 1903, and eventually encouraged the inventions of airplanes, and jetts

phonograph 1877

thomas edison created the phonograph, which was a device to record and replay sounds.  This invention lead to all sorts of music, and recorders.

motion pictures- 1895

motion picures was invented by lois and aguste lumiere in 1895.  It started being used as entertainment at the end of the 1900s, and has now turned into movies and dvds

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