UTT Technologies launches new PoE switch S1624P

UTT Technologies today announced the availability of the new 16-port PoE switch S1624P. This PoE switch, developed by UTT Technologies this year, is designed to provide SMB (small and medium sized business) with more choices for the PoE switches, as well as to complete UTT’s PoE WLAN Solution and switch product line.

In response to meet the small and medium enterprise’s IT budget, combined with UTT’s current WLAN solution, UTT’s new PoE switch S1624P offers 16 PoE ports and 8 RJ45 ports. It will also eliminate time and cost of deployment by integrating power and data switching into one equipment, which will reduce the cost for SMB networks;

Together with UTT’s WLAN PoE Access Point WA500N, WA2000N, this new PoE switch can connect to up to 16 PoE APs, which is quite sufficient for a WLAN solution in small and medium enterprises. Furthermore, more and more PoE equipments are installed in the office, PoE IP cameras, PoE VoIP phones and other PoE equipments are more and more common to be used. UTT’s new PoE Switch S1624P will be the ideal equipment to this PoE application.

About UTT

UTT Technologies, founded in 2000, is a leading provider of network service and solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises in China UTT offers networking products including Router, VPN Firewall, Ethernet Switch, WLAN AP, WLAN AC, etc. For more details of UTT, please go to http://www.uttglobal.com