Billy Austin Bryant

The crime I intend to research is Billy Austin Bryant's Escape from prison, robbery of Maryland Bank and brutal murder of 2 FBI agents. The mystery that will be solved is finding Bryant.

Evidence to be used: 3rd FBI agent confirms pictureBullets in the 2 dead agents were confirmed tohave come from Bryant’s revolverGunpowder found on the FBI agents also confirmed it had come

Description of victims and suspects:

Billie Austin Bryant was a career criminal, who had been commuting robberies for years. He killed 2 fbi agents in a robbery attempt after escaping prison he fled the scene. He was married, his was his first conviction. Billie Austin Bryant spent the shortest amount of time on the fbi's most wanted list.

Edwin R. Woodriffe and Anthony Palisano: Both Woodriffe and Palisano were young FBI agents searching for Bryant who were fatally shot at Maryland's First Bank

Proposed narrator: A low level FBI agent on the case

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