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Make some change for your office, don't need a very complicated design, also do not need very expensive furniture, as long as it has enough creativity can add different sense to your office. Creative office design can greatly spread employees' thinking and improve the efficiency of their work, although some of the design of the enterprise budget are not enough, can also create a good design. No matter what type of office design, ergonomic office furniture is necessary. Not appropriate furniture will destroy you with staff's health, try to adjust the height and distance of furniture, make them comfortable. Make sure your muscles in the work at any time won't feel nervous.

The role of color in interior design office has obviously. Good colour collocation can affect employee's work efficiency. Stimulate the mind, blue yellow inspire creativity, affect the body red and green can balance the mood. Single color is not enough, creative office design need to all sorts of color balance and combination, choosing the appropriate degree of saturation and intensity. High saturation bright color can stimulate the brain, subdued color can relieve the mood. If you don't have a way to change the office of the color, you can add a basin of small plant on the desk as decoration, air filter, remove fungi and bacteria, improve the efficiency of your work.

Natural light cannot only provide people with energy, but also to help employees improve productivity, and creativity. Eliminate the official Windows and skylights is not a wise choice, natural light through them into your office. If you think that natural light is too bright, you can choose the direct light. Creative office design can use some reflector reflex the light onto the ceiling or wall.Indirect light is slow, can also ease of dizziness caused by direct illuminate and discomfort. Open an office is a place for work and productivity, although some employees think that the lack of privacy, but many companies still uses this way to save cost. No one is willing to hear your calls for a third, people want to have a separate office, although the space is very small. Open-plan offices for employees in the discussion at the meeting and use, they can be in the discussion.And use open office, don't have to worry about loneliness, the voice of the colleague's work can make you feel at ease.

Staff in the office time accounts for most of the day. Good office design should let them have the space to rest. Creative office design to provide staff rest area, they can take a rest when tired, there is no need to stay in the office all day. People will put the good office design boils down to good corporate culture, your employees feel happiness can guide your customers, increase your business.

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