The Captain of the Fire Station

Indirectly: Manipulative

Captain Beatty is indirectly described as manipulative in the book "Fahrenheit 451". As an example during the course of the book Beatty is trying to convince Guy Montag that books are weapons and that they destroy the human's mind. When trying to convince Montag that books are terrible he uses words and phrases from books. Beatty is indirectly described as manipulative because it doesn't tell us that he is manipulative, but from his actions we can determine this.

Directly: Understanding

Captain Beatty was directly described as understanding in part one of "Fahrenheit 451". When Montag stole a copy of a book Beatty went and visited Guy Montag. Beatty told Montag that he understood. He is directly described as understanding because this came from the narrator. The audience is told this piece of information during Beatty and Montag's conversation.

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