Ms. Ramsey's Algebra 1 Syllabus

Textbook: An online textbook will be available to each student. Login information will be available on Ms. Ramsey’s website.  Students who wish to check out a physical book may do so as well.

Course Materials: Each student is expected to have the following with them in class every single day.

  • Pencil, Pen, and Highlighter
  • Charged Laptop
  • Lined paper and graph paper
  • Scientific Calculator (TI 30XIIS is recommended and will get your through most high school courses.  It is the most user friendly and will last.  Please do not purchase any calculators that say they are for statistics or business.  They will not have the functions necessary for high school courses!)  YOU MUST HAVE A CALCULATOR.
  • Earbuds/Headphones

Grading Practices: Grades are calculated based on the following weighted percentages. Think of your grade like a pie. Different assignments go into different pieces of the pie, and bigger pieces have a bigger affect on your grade!

  • 65% Quizzes and Unit Assessments: It is your job to keep track of upcoming test and quiz dates.  Use the calendar on my webpage.  Retakes are not allowed.
  • 25% Practice/Daily Assignments: Assignments are given on a daily basis.  Sometimes they will be graded on completion, but they will usually be graded on some degree of accuracy.  Math is like a sport- you only get better if you
  • 10% Comprehensive Final Exam: The final will cover all the material that we learn in a semester.  

Letter grades are earned based on the following scores.

                         90 – 100 A      80 – 89 B      70 – 79 C      60 – 69 D      0 – 59 F

Make-Up & Late Work:

Make-up work due to excused absences will be accepted for full credit based on the
policy outlined in the LHS Student Handbook (work due after number of days absent + one additional day).  When turning in make-up work, you should write the date of absence on top and place it in the make-up basket.

Late homework will be accepted for a maximum of 60% credit if turned in before the end of a unit. Once the unit test has been administered, late work will receive no credit.  Late work must be turned in to Ms. Ramsey for a date stamp.  *Papers turned in with no name may be claimed, but will then be considered late.

Extra Help & Tutoring:

Ms. Ramsey is available most days before school at 7:45 and after school until 4:00.
Tutoring is also available throughout the week during Liberty Hour. See Ms. Ramsey’s
schedule below. You may elect to attend Liberty Hour, or you may be assigned to required tutoring.

  • Monday: No tutoring
  • Tuesday: Tutoring in Room 507
  • Wednesday:Tutoring in Room 507 (except on Advisory days)
  • Thursday: Tutoring in Room 507
  • Friday: Tutoring in Room 507

Student Responsibilities for Liberty Hour:

  • Have a plan upon arriving at LH (What are you going to work on?)
  • Use tutoring time productively (Games, social media, videos, etc. are not good uses of time)
  • Check LH assignments regularly and attend all assigned tutoring sessions.

Tardy Policy: Students are expected to be in the classroom prior to the bell ringing. Tardies are only excused with a signed pass. If you are more than 10 minutes late to school for the day, you must check in with the Attendance Office before coming to class. Additionally, students are expected to remain in their seats until dismissed by the teacher. The bell starts class, and the teacher dismisses class. Students will be notified when it is appropriate to pack of their materials for the hour.

Technology Policy: Ms. Ramsey is committed to maintaining a Blackboard presence and responding to emails in a timely fashion. It is the responsibility of the student to check Blackboard daily for course information, assignment postings, weekly schedules, and/or handouts and other materials.

It is also expected that students

  • Respect the teacher’s discretion as to when or when not to use technology
  • Use proper grammar and punctuation in all email communications
  • Only use laptops/cell phones/earbuds/headphones during class if directed to do so by a teacher
  • Have earbuds/headphones available for daily instructional use
  • Check student school email and Ms. Ramsey's website daily

Food/Drink Policy: Quiet snacks and drinks with lids are permitted, however, restrictions may be put in place due to student allergies. Sharing of food/drinks is not allowed. If messes are left behind, this privilege will be taken away.

Classroom Culture & Expectations:

  • Be prepared with materials and classwork.
  • Be on time (see tardy policy).
  • Be responsible.
  • Be respectful to classmates, teachers, yourself, and the classroom/building.
  • Work BELL to BELL.
  • Check grades at least once a week.

Consequences: Inappropriate behavior, missed Liberty Hour tutoring, or tardies to class will result in conferencing with students or a parent if necessary. Repeat offenders will be given detentions or office referrals if necessary.