Tackkling Old Dominion University's

Crime Rate

So you've just moved into your house with a couple of buddies from school. You're right on the edge of campus, can't wait to start the school year, meet that crazy professor everyone's been talking about, and see all your friends who are slowly coming back from their summer vacations. You hear a knock at the door and think it's one of your friends coming over so you open it up. Except it isn't any friend but three gunman who now hold you and your fellow room mates up at gun point and steal your electronics and the money you have in your pockets.

How do we change this lack of safety? Not only for the students who live in the area but also for the residents that have lived there for years. Let's take a look at some statistics from the past couple of months and go from there.

Statistics Taken From The Norfolk Police Departments Official Website

From August to October, 2013

Contrary to popular believe the majority of the crimes committed occurred before midnight. Before the analysis of the data I believed that most crimes would happen after midnight but this doesn't seem to be the case.

From larceny to assault the crimes vary and cover most of the basic and average crimes you would expect from a heavily populated city.

Although there was only data from the second half of August the statistics seem to sky rocket from August to September. Even if we doubled the data from August it would only be 44 crimes committed compared to the 188 crimes committed of September. One of the conclusions coming from this is that the arrival and return of Old Dominion students not only raises the amount of crimes in the area but also crimes related to school.

What We Can Take Away From These Sets Of Data

Crimes are going to occur no matter where you live but what makes Norfolk, Virginia such a hotbed for criminal activity? Maybe the blame is on the students that live in the area? But then couldn't the same be said of any college town in America? Maybe it's the townies and drifters that come in and enjoy living close to the beach?

The main thing that can be taken away from the amount of crime is that safety precautions need to be increased and the police department needs to do a more strict job of covering areas and their patrols.

Norfolk/ODU Crimes

Above is a map of Old Dominion's campus and some of the off campus streets. The icons shown vary from assault to vandalism to robberies and are taken from July to the present day of October. It is astounding to see the amount of crime that happens around the Old Dominion University area.


Harrisonburg/JMU Crimes

As we look into and compare the two maps from Norfolk to Harrisonburg there really doesn't seem to be that much different. The biggest difference that seems to be present is that when you go away from JMU's campus the crimes seem to lessen.

How Do These Crimes Affect The School and Residents?

As it is with most colleges out-of-state applicants are significantly lower than in-state. Most of the data that has been provided to Old Dominion has shown that admissions really haven't been effected by the crimes surrounding the campus and that actually there has been a steady increase since 2003.

As for residents in the Old Dominion area the median home price for Norfolk, VA has gone down two percent in the past month and now rests at $185,000. Comparing this to Harrisonburg/JMU's median home price of $199,000 Norfolk doesn't seem like it's doing too bad.

In Conclusion..

What we're going to end this tackk with is a short clip from the Norfolk Channel 10 news team covering a story about a shooting taking place near ODU.

It isn't so much about the petty crimes that happen but the casualties that come out of the more intense instances of criminal activity. Although there doesn't seem to be a decrease of admissions over the years that doesn't leave out the probability of somebody, whether it be a student, a resident, or a child, being shot and the odds are scary. How would you feel sending your child to a campus affiliated with gangs and high crime rates? Or what would happen if you were down there visiting the school and a stray bullet happened to strike you or a family member?

These are all questions that poise difficult answers but we must as a society, as a culture, and as a people try to figure out a way to lessen and prevent criminal activity not only in the Norfolk area but all of America and the world. It doesn't come down to the next person or the person before you. It comes down to you.

Go Monarchs!

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