Cultural Assumption 1

Of late I have been reading the novel Great Expectations written by Charles Dickens and I have noticed a cultural assumption. Men are superior and are expected to be the providers for the families. This assumption is evidently shown to us in the rising action of the novel, when the story is building and the climax becoming closer.Dickens shows this cultural assumption through the storyline, for example when we see that joe is a blacksmith and works for the families food and livelihood, when they round up volunteers to go look for the convicts they only ask men because they are 'tougher' and when pip believes he needs to be a gentlemen to be in a high class of society and above others he believes he needs to be wealthy to be superior. 'My sister sir- Mrs. Joe Gargery - wife of Joe Gargery, the blacksmith sir.' this is telling us that Pip's sisters job is to be a wife while her husband is at work as a blacksmith, this is clearly the social context of the society. I think that this cultural assumption was just part of life back then they believed women were bellow men. However now days we are all equal although, I don’t believe this cultural assumption is right and just, I have come to a conclusion that it was just part of the century. The author does not challenge this assumption throughout the novel, however he does evidently show it frequently. The main thing shown about the historical context is that men were above women and were the providers, women were not allowed to work. It also shows that men were expected to be strong for example they were expected to join the wars, join man hunts and also protect the people that cannot protect themselves e.g. Women, children and elderly. Dickens projects this frequently within his writing.

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2 years ago

I found this tackk to be interesting and easy to read. I have noticed that in this tackk that we have a similar cultural assumption of social class but the context and the time in which this novel is written is completely different to that of my novel, Catcher in the Rye..