Jay Cho Tackk Project

Act 3, Lord Montague, Jay Cho, Per 8

Today, romeo’s friend, Mercurio died. I’m really sorry for that situation. I heard that Tybalt, who is relative of Capulet, killed Mercutio. Last fight, I hope that there is no more fight with Capulet, but the fight begun again. Also, Tybalt, the capulet person made a fight! How can I suppress my anger? However, the one thing that is really good news is that Tybalt also died, and the person who killed Tybalt is romeo, my Son! I don’t know how Romeo could kill the Tybalt, but I really proud of it. Romeo avenged Mercutio’s death. Mercurio will be happy to kill the Tybalt instead of him. However, the prince knew the fight between Mercutio, Tybalt and Romeo. He was really mad at the fight in village and the death of two people, Mercutio and tybalt, so he banished Romeo from verona! How unfair it is! Romeo just avenged Mercutio’s death! I complained to Prince to save Romeo, but it didn’t work. Poor Romeo, He just avenged Mercutio’s death. How could he banished from verona! Also, I heard one rumor that paris, who is relative of Prince, is going to marry with Capulet’s daughter. How could it happen? All capulet families are as ugly as monster! It is ridiculous! Today, there were so many happen. I hope that there is no more tragedy for Romeo.

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