Jose Montano Holds Vast Experience As A Martial Arts Professional

Jose Montano: a martial arts expert

Jose Luis Montano is a popular personality in the martial arts industry. He is well-versed in different techniques of the sport, and know how to deal with clever, aggressive attackers. He considers martial arts as a healthy activity for kids, adults, and elderly people. According to him, punching, grappling, kicking, rolling on the ground, and other techniques are good for relieving the day long stress for working professionals. Jose assumes Joaquin Palacios as his mentor, and he has learned a lot from him. Palacios taught him always try to do the right thing and help people.

Early Life

Jose Acanda was born and brought up in Cuba. He has interest in the martial arts sport since his childhood. He learned tae kwon do from Cuban Sports Federation, and became national champion for four times. He practiced a lot to learn different techniques of the sport. Tae Kwon Do Instructor at a Pinar del Rio based junior high school was his very first job. He has been a friend of Hector Lombard, a famous UFC fighter, in Cuba.

Jose shifted to America in 2004

Jose Montano continued his professional career in martial arts after he moved to the United States of America. At US Tae Kwon Do College, he worked for more than two years as an Instructor. At this college, he lead four classes for about 100 students ages 5 to 55. He also provided private sessions in TKD sparring and conditioning. In October 2007, he started serving as a Tae Kwon Do Instructor at Mountain Kim, and taught middle school students. Other than martial arts, he also a Centreville based fitness center named Lifetime Fitness. Working as a Personal Trainer, he provided fitness training to people suffering from obesity. He guided clients to eat healthy diet and exercise hard so as to achieve required fitness goals.

Jose provides martial arts training in Virginia

Jose Montano is providing martial arts training in Virginia for many years. He teaches how to punch hard and respond to the opponent’s attacks. His training classes are designed in accordance with the needs of modern people, and are divided into various categories- beginners, intermediate, and advanced. In his classes, he tells students the benefits of learning martial arts, and encourage them to help people in danger. He believe in building strong relations with students, and answer to all their questions politely.