Scholarship Persuasive Essay

There are good people and bad people in the world. But why do we need the good ones the most?

The world needs good people because we are supposed to make this world a better place for everyone. Instead we are making it a world full of hate, envy, and violence. We need the good people to set the example for everyone else. If someone does a good deed some might see that it is for the best and will follow. It is very easy to fall into the bad influences and that puts our world at risk by loosing all the good there is.

For example like Dr. Martin Luther King was an extraordinary person who fought for the civil rights of African American. He set the example to millions of people around the world and made the biggest impact in human history. Because of his accomplishments now African Americans have the right to vote, to attend to school with people of different races. This is why we need good people in the world.

The world needs good people because they can save many lives and make big impacts in the world. Only us people can save the world from being destroyed by us. Our home. We have to learn the good habits and leave the bad ones out.

With good people around we can accomplish anything together and united. One by one. One step at a time. It can be a hard and long process but by doing it together it can all make it easier.