Sean Marchionte

Providence, Rhode Island, Executive Sean Marchionte

About Sean Marchionte

With commercial and residential development real estate holdings spanning Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Florida, Sean Marchionte actively seeks out properties with high-yield potential. He guides Bluedog Capital Partners, LLC, in sponsoring debt and equity transactions that encompass projects from major commercial developments to single-family home rehabilitations. His firm also oversees the syndication and structuring of interim loan vehicles and specialized bridge loans that enable projects to go forward. Sean Marchionte emphasizes a carefully calibrated approach that is designed to ensure attractive returns with minimal risk.
Mr. Marchionte completed his bachelor’s degree in business management at Providence College in Rhode Island where he founded City Parking & Valet Services, Ltd. in 1991. The firm has offered quality valet services for high-profile events ranging from wedding receptions to fundraising dinners. Sean Marchionte’s company also maintains a roster of long-term corporate clients such as Blue Cross Blue Shield and Nordstrom Department Stores.

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