Sean Southland

An Experienced Executive and Nonprofit Founder

About Sean Southland

Sean Southland, PhD serves TrinityTEK Racing Development as chief executive officer and president. In his leadership role, he supports all operations of motor sports management, sales and service with a hands on approach and driving sales and improving customer service. Dr. Sean Southland also works as general manager for TrinityTEK Advanced Simulation, which is the VESARO USA distributor of advanced simulation rigs that can be used for entertainment purposes but most importantly help drivers hone their neurophysiological skills.

Complementing the above, Sean Southland works with the International DriverX Elite Academy. He oversees daily operations for the nonprofit academy that delivers professional driver development and advanced simulation services to motor sports athletes.

Dr. Southland also manages the IDEA Foundation as president and co-founder. The organization is dedicated to assisting young people challenged by autism and a range of other neurological conditions.

Among his other professional activities, he belongs to the American College of Sports Medicine and many other health professional organizations. In addition to his academic degrees, Dr. Southland has professional certifications quantitative electroencephalography, neurofeedback, biofeedback, heart rate variability, exercise physiology, life coaching and sports performance nutrition.

Tips for a Successful Career in the Health and Wellness Industry

Dr. Sean Southland pursued graduate studies and performance research at Arizona State University. Since focusing on the study of exercise and wellness, Dr. Sean Southland has established a career in the health and wellness industry.

As more individuals adopt healthy lifestyles, demand for those with a background in health and wellness continues to outstrip supply. Here are some tips for building a successful career in this industry:

- Invest in education and professional development. Education, training, and certifications are standard requirements for health and wellness practitioners. Accreditation also gives these practitioners the authority to apply their skills and knowledge.

- Follow regulations. The health care industry is full of complex rules and standards to ensure ethical and professional conduct. Government and private entities enforce such regulations to safeguard practitioners’ reputations and consumers’ rights.

- Stay apprised of technological developments. Applications and other software, as well as other emerging products and technology in health and wellness, can help practitioners upgrade their services and cater to a variety of consumer preferences.

A Brief Overview of the Advanced Simulation Therapy Matrix

A cofounder of the International DriverX Elite Academy (IDEA) Foundation, Dr. Sean Southland leverages his considerable knowledge of neuroscience and technology to help injured athletes. Dr. Sean Southland utilizes the Advanced Simulation Therapy (AST) Matrix to support patients.

The AST Matrix helps athletes perform optimally following an injury. It utilizes a five-step process to monitor numerous variables throughout an athlete’s rehabilitation period to guarantee expedited recovery. Specifically, the matrix ensures professionals track data that influence the body’s biology and physiology.

It begins with a professional completing a NeuroFitness assessment that serves as a benchmark. It then proceeds to a relaxed form of AST that promotes recovery. The step takes up to 90 minutes to complete. The athlete progresses to the next three steps incorporating varying levels of intensity to enhance head and body movement and restore traditional activity in daily life. The final step requires up to two hours and is the most rigorous part of the matrix, as it requires a person to perform normal activities in an open environment and participate in competition.

Overall improvement has been seen in areas of hand-eye coordination, neuromuscular functioning, sensory perception, and visual tracking. Likewise, advancements in social relationships and interpersonal growth are other benefits derived from the matrix.

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