Photorefractive keratectomy

...or PRK

It's just easier telling people I had LASIK

...but PRK is different

It was all set up through text message between my uncle Ketan and I to figure out when my appointment would be. He told me what hotel to stay at and what to expect.

40 minutes of tests and running numbers, then I went under the laser. 20 seconds for each eye and I was done, I took that first picture moments after I finished the quick and painless treatment. Ben, Ketan and Dsve couldn't have been nicer. I was fine for about 20 minutes then I had watery eyes, light sensitivity and itchy eyes. Luckily it feels better with your eyes closed so a 4 hour nap then Dinner and a beer with Dr. Ketan to watch the first quarter of the Browns killing the Bengals.

Dr. Ketan set my appointment at the Clinic Clinic for Monday and the irritation from Friday until Monday was tolerable. Blurry/Clouded vision and the feeling of a dry contact in my eye. It's been 5 days after the treatment and I have some blurry vision but my vision is 20/25 and getting better over the next few weeks. Drops 4 times a day from 2 different drops for a month. If you are thinking about doing it just do it, the small amount of pain is tolerable and more than worth it. I included some pictures of how awesome my family is since Dr. Ketan Patel put me at such ease.

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3 years ago

Ok, ok! You're convincing me!!

3 years ago

Yea Seany nice tackk! Ketan is the absolute kindest man; I can't wait to get my surgery done by him in a few years.