wonder character in the spotlight August :)
sean brandons project

character tie of the theme

The theme that ties to August is kindess and growth. He leared that being nice gets you good friends and he also learened to grow up because when (oli)via came into augusts room and tried to talk to him nicely and calmy but when he just ignored her she got very mad and started to yell at him and yelled "YOU NEED TO GROW UP!" and slamed the door on her way out. the way he got good friends is because he was kind, and helpful . that is why Henry, Miles and Anos helped august and jack with the 7th graders came and started acting like august was a freek.

character influences

number 1/August's freind was jack he was very funny and was realy good friends with august. then at school august was siposed to be bobo fet but instead he wore his bleeding scream costume then when august walked in he sat next to some people and over heard one of them say "if i were august i would jump off a cliif". then august ran out the room and went into bathroom and cried then he went to the nurse and said"i think i have a stomic ace". So the nurse called his mom andhe went home and said he didnt want to go treak or treating. then they had a project and august got asined to jack and they started to talk on the computer and he typed"would you realy want to ju7mp off a cliif if you were me"and then they talked and talked and became friends again. number2/I think he made jacks better because when they became friends august was a really nice kid at the end of the year and that got him more and more friends. When august was at school the first few months mostly every one thought he was a freek and ignored him all the time. they also thought jack was a werdo because he was hanging out with august.

art representation

this picture reminds me of when mr.tuchmen was talking to august to try to get him to come to the school. The artist is Vincent van Gogh this is a self portrait with bandaged ear.