Searchrankresults - Essentials When Optimizing Your Website

If you are planning to implement search optimization strategies and techniques into your existing website, there are several things you will need to take into consideration. Most digital marketing businesses are fully competent to provide their clients with a detailed explanation of basic and advanced SEM techniques. Here are some essentials you need to consider when optimizing your website.

Consider Your Website to be a Cake
Yes, that’s right! The links, social media interaction and paid searches act like the icing on your cake. This is what gets it going, looking bright and colorful. The information architecture, content, infrastructure and content management system is like the sugar that makes the cake tasty. Without the sugar, your cake is going to taste very bland, and will get thrown into the trash can. The appeal is what attracts visitors to your site.

What Search Engines Look for
Search engines have their job cut out for them, they have to search and gather information that is most relevant to the search query of the user. Here’s how relevancy is determined by the search engine.

Content – The content is determined by the theme, text, titles and descriptions that are given on the page.

Performance – Whether your site works properly and how fast it is.
Authority –     Whether your website has good content to link to other sites or do other                                 sites link to your site as a reference.

User Experience – How easy is your site to navigate? Does it have a good look and is it safe?
Search Engines are Not looking For All search engines can store only a certain amount of data, so if you are using shady tactics to try and trick the search engines, chances are it will hurt you in the future. Some of the things you should avoid are; keyword stuffing, poor user experience and purchased links.

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