Space Travel

persuasive essay

Space travel is a very dangerous thing that only professionals can handle. I think that civilians should not be allowed into space. I believe that it would give these unqualified people a greater risk of injury or even death, due to their lack of training.

Ordinary people are not qualified to be up in space. Sending these unqualified people would be a waste of time and money. These civilians would be very unproductive and would not have the knowledge to bring any helpful information back to Earth. A huge amount of money would be easily wasted just to allow an ordinary person to get the experience of being in space or walking on the moon.

Some people say that the opportunity to see the moon is once in a life time, but is the risk of not returning back to Earth alive worth it? If an ordinary person were to go into space and an emergency came up, he or she would not know what to do. Not knowing what to do in case of emergency could be extremely dangerous for not only the person facing the problem, but also for anyone else that is with them in space. Anything can happen while in space, so you would never be sure of what would happen next.

If someone is interested in studying space, they should become an astronaut and receive the years worth of training it takes before entering the dangers of space. If these years of training are not received, the person entering space can get themselves into a very challenging situation. Astronauts spend a huge part of their lives trying to get comfortable with the changes of space before actually entering space, if they did not  train, they would most likely would not be able to survive the different conditions of space.

Allowing ordinary civilians to travel to space could result in many deaths. Space travel should be left to only professionals with training, so that more helpful research will be brought back to Earth. Traveling to space could cost a life, are you willing to pay the price?

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