Dashboard Release


Rules of Engagement

  1. Don't worry about small UI tweaks like spacing, color, etc. We'll tackle polishing the entire app at the end
  2. Matt will take all feedback and relay to the dev team
  3. Looking for bugs & functionality issue.


  1. Currently data is only agged through July 19th (use custom dates)
  2. Dashboard scale is logarithmic (best option to see metrics)

Known Issues

  1. Forward / Back navigation images on calendars are not displaying. You can still click in the upper left and right hand corners of a calendar to change the month


All restrictions can be discussed if changes are needed
  1. ZERO values cannot be graphed on logarithmic scales
  2. View 1 group at a time (Internal, External or Total)
    Reason: Color coding / labeling becomes problematic
  3. Show up to 31 days of data
    Reason: Only scaling by date so only 31 fits


  1. How important is it to graph ZERO values?
    Select CTR, July 1st - 10th and then internal traffic to see example
  2. Default metrics selected (Revenue)?
  3. Default timeframe selected (Last 30 days)?


Below are specific items to ensure we cover in QA
  1. Values graph are correct
  2. List of channels are only for that account
  3. List of advertiser are only for that account

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