The Secret behind Dish TV’s Sustained Growth Story

Dish TV was the first DTH Company to introduce DTH service in India. What’s remarkable about Dish TV which keeps it way ahead of the rest is its uncanny ability to pre-empt market demands, provide for it and stay profitable while doing it. No surprise therefore that the company has managed to win hearts of TV viewers all over the nation but also brokerages who are going gaga over the DTH company’s success and popping enthusiastic thumbs up!

Staying ahead of the curve

There must be a secret behind all that success and one can get hints of it in everything Dish TV does – and the secret is its philosophy of serving viewers with the best experience. Take for instance the company’s decision to introduce an exclusive solution for regional viewers. Zing, which is another brand by Dish TV, will focus solely on regional content consumers. Zing, launched in West Bengal in 2014, has now expanded to cover 7 states! While Dish TV is great for HD sports channels and general entertainment channels (GEC) viewers didn’t have an exclusive regional-only alternative. Now with Zing, Dish TV has filled that gap.

Picking the right fights

The reason why many companies fail to craft an impressive success story like Dish TV is because they pick the wrong fight. India is a nation which loves hassle-free services and wants quality too. Dish TV offered both at a time when consumers had enough of cable operators and their tantrums. Indian TV viewers now have access to the very best TV viewing experience thanks to all DTH companies, but we mustn’t forget that it was Dish TV that gave Indian viewers the first taste of quality in TV viewing. Over all these years it has been in existence, the company had to deal with competitors, and every time it emerged victorious. Now that there are indications of a reputed business house entering the digital cable distribution segment, Dish TV sounds all prepared. Responding to a question on the subject, RC Venkateish, CEO Dish TV India Ltd said “When we started in this business, there was one DTH operator and that was us, and then there were two and there were six, but we have still managed to keep our position as a market leader...we would be up to whatever future challenges that come up in this space and we are very confident in our ability to execute”

That alone speaks volumes about the company’s outlook and confidence and is the reason why it has been showered with love and loyalty from viewers. Dish TV is upbeat about its plans for financial year 2016 given its impressive performance last quarter.

Author Bio: With more than 90 million homes ready to make the transition from analogue to digital, Dish TV is all set to meet the challenge head on with new brands like Zing for the regional market and more HD channel packages for Dish TV subscribers. Read this to find out what makes the company so successful.