Secrets To Lasting Relationships

In healthy relationships, there is a foundation of respect between the partners. Respect within a partnership starts with each person’s own self-respect. We cannot expect others to respect us if we don’t respect ourselves. It shows up in every interaction and every conversation. It’s palpable and enduring. Respect is the glue that keeps the partnership alive and well. Respect is when we esteem and honour the other person’s very being – their inner qualities and rights as a human being. Respect reveals itself in the way we view their likes and dislikes, opinions, ideas, and feelings.

Relationships are about not only taking, but also giving. No one can be considered in a perfect relationship, how happy the couple is, as happiness in a relationship is just the happiness of the situations created by the partners. No relationship, as a whole, is destined to be jovial and satisfying. There can be moments of happiness and moments of struggles. Successful, long-lasting relationships foster an environment where respect is the norm. In what ways do you respect yourself? In what ways do you show disrespect for yourself? How does respect show up (or not) in your relationship? How do you, as a couple, foster mutual respect? Do not be a miser in loving the partner and let your love be unconditional. It is rightly said that love is defined as respect and care. When the partner feels that you do not care for him/her or do not give him/her the due respect, the person may think of an alternative to you. If you find yourself not giving very much, or feeling resentful of how much you give and how little you receive back, you may be in an unequal relationship where one side is taking more than they are giving.

For instance, couples sometimes mistakenly believe that love will help them deal with any issue that comes up, and that if the other person truly loved you, they would just do as you ask. The couple who learns the secrets of balancing both happiness and struggles wins the life and enjoys the best possible relationship and life. When in tension or issues, many people may think that they are fated to fall in to wrong relationship, and at the same time ignore the possible chances of making each moments in life happy by understanding the partner a bit more and adjusting a bit more. But people are independent with their own unique needs and personalities. Just because we found someone we want to spend our lives with doesn’t mean we give up our own identity in the process.

The secret to long-lasting relationships is not having a perfect and harmonious love affair. It is not how less often you fight, not because of the number of similarities and the things you both like neither doing together nor the number of mistakes you did. Those things count but it is the faith that keeps you going. Be open and frank with the partner. Do not feel afraid to express you mind to the partner and never ever make him/her afraid of you to tell out the mind. When people communicate each other many of the issues can be melted down. An issue, how ignorable it is, when kept in mind for several days, can take forms of anger, frustration, dislike etc., and get expressed in the most undesirable manners. Let the communication between the partners be a frequent element and no one should hold the words when he/she really wants to talk. A relationship would last if both of you are willing not to give up, if both of you are willing to stand up and still try every time one of you or both of you fall. You should not lose hope when you are struck with problems along the way. Give each other hope and hold on as long as you can.

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