Secret Service Project

By: Camden

Happiness. Content. Peace. You and other people can feel these emotions if you participate in the Secret Service Project. The Secret Service Project is a project with one goal - Make you and other people feel happy and make their day. Your reward? Simple. Satisfaction. For example, you could do the dishes without being told to, or such.

What I did in the Secret Service Project is classified, but I must tell you. On Sunday, I brought a snack upstairs for my brother. He didn't bat an eye, and I'm sure he thought Mom brought it up. I still felt content, though. On Monday, I helped clean my room for a guest visiting, as my room sort of doubles as a guest room. On Tuesday, at soccer practice, I smiled at three random people. One person just walked on by, another smiled back, and another gave me a look that made me feel uncomfortable. Sure, it was a grin, but WAY too grinny. On Wednesday, I picked up all trash on sight. No one caught on, though. I was kind of mad they were just missing the garbage can by a mile and not picking up after themselves. On Thursday, I cleaned the table. Nobody noticed. I also made my dog a birthday breakfast, and I think he liked it too much because he snarfed it up WAY too fast! On Friday, I was very nice and played with a baby while his brother was supposed to, but he was doing archery without permission. Later that night, I took a turn much too quickly and a small child ran into me and went flying. I told him I was sorry and put some candy in his bag. He then was still yelling, "HOOOOOOOOWLLLL!". Luckily, the parents saw he was being dramatic and just nodded. On Saturday, I spent a lot of quality time with my dog, who isn't as happy these days as he was; he's paralyzed. That little dog was really happy after I hung out with him.

When I did these deeds, I felt internally lightened with myself. I ended up being happy and kind more, and enjoying what I was doing. Another feeling I felt was that weird feeling that you have made someone's day. Once I had gotten myself to sit down and relax, I thought of what I did. I felt very proud of myself. That made my day, too!

In my rightful opinion, the Secret Service Project is a way to make someone's day.... Maybe yours, too! When you do these deeds, you feel mutual. An example is, trading a hotdog for a bag of chips. You both get what you want. In this case, they want happiness, even when they don't suspect it. The feeling you get is satisfaction and that proud feeling that spawns, as if you're meant to do good deeds.

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