Tectonic Plates


In school I had to make a model for tectonic plates, my partner and I decided against the regular cardboard box project that everyone else in our class was making. We made a cake instead (we even let the class eat it today)! This project used 2 1/2 cakes and two jars of icing! the chocolate cake symbolizes the earths crust and the vanilla "funfetti" cake is the earths core. what our cake idea was is that the plates are moving and one plate gets forced under another plate causing overlapping and earthquakes. it is safe to say that this was a delicious model!  now to the science part, the reason we made this yummy model. now in real life the oceanic crust is denser and is constantly being recycled, and the continental crust cannot subduct therefore the continental crust is older than the oceanic crust.

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