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On Security and Privacy Issues

*The more vigilant of us may pay attention to our credit scores and make a point of seeing what each of the 3 companies is saying about our debts and bill paying habits.

*Some of us are very protective of our social security numbers. I don't even use mine at the hospital. It's purpose is for federal taxation not a public ID number.

*A few of us even do periodic Internet searches to see what's being attributed to us.

*It is important to follow through on all of these and clear up any misinformation before it can cause problems.

*Then there are things like blocking potential camera views when entering pin numbers.

*Shredding trash with sensitive information can be a good step to protecting your identity as well.

*Don't forget to use complex mixed format passwords and change them OFTEN!

*What other things do some of you do to protect your privacy, security, and identity?

*Are there more things we can or should be doing?

*Here is an article that brings up even more security and privacy issues you may not yet have considered!