Florida Beach's Home Security Cameras

Our project is to increase the security systems and cameras in the Florida beach area.


We did this because Security Surveillance Systems are in more demand than ever these days. With an overall raise in crime in the United States.

5 teens were stealing and cutting out of school.


We think the Security Cameras of Palm Beach should be everywhere, serving all of Florida's Beaches.  Security Cameras of Palm Beach specializes in guard houses with gate operations and license plate readers. Proudly serving South Florida for over 15 years,  professional quality security camera system installations are trusted and relied upon rain or shine.

  The cost of home security is $249, with the purchase you get a complete 4 camera video home and business security system. The camera’s have night vision, remote viewing, and they are weather proof.

Outdoor night vision security camera’s are $59. Security camera with Infrared is $129.

Some security installers are ApexCCTV, Video Solutions, and ADT.


The impact of adding more Security cameras is to have better chances if finding the bad guy. We also think it will prevent break ins happening, because the security cameras, and systems will prevent the bad guy breaking in so they won't because they risk the chance of getting caught.

The conclusion is that security cameras can be anywhere so don't do any thing wrong  because someone is watching. The point is to upgrade the original security cameras so that it is easier to find the bad guy.

By Noah Penn, Dawson Ross, Colton Shilling

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